Enterosys participates in AFSSI Connexions in Lyon

These are days of R&D partnership in the health sector.

The 9th edition of AFSSI Connexions will take place on July 5/6 in Lyon, France. Two days of congress and convention networking, a true annual french marketplace for R&D in Life Sciences!

Several plenary sessions are planned on current topics: the Health Innovation Plan 2030, scientific and societal issues related to the use of animals for experimental purposes… Round tables are also organized around the attractiveness of CROs in France, the added value of PROs (Partnering) and the future of AFSSI association. Enterosys will co-host the round table entitled “What are the HR challenges for our companies?” on Tuesday, July 5 at 2:00 pm to discuss corporate social responsibility as a tool to attract and retain our talents.





Salon BioFIT 2023

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  The enteric nervous system (ENS), referred to as the “second brain,” is an extensive network of different cell types located along the digestive tract. It consists in enteric neurons, enteric glial cells and interstitial cells of Cajal. This network of cells is...