Preclinical studies
in gut & gut brain
for therapies of tomorrow

Enterosys is a CRO scientifically rooted
in the gut and inter-organ communication

We believe that gut and the gut-brain axis play a central role in lifelong health. The specialized expertise of our Contract Research Organization (CRO) enables you to make major scientific breakthroughs in the discovery and valuation of your therapeutic active ingredients.

At the heart of a holistic health approach, gut is the cornerstone of our preclinical expertise. Leveraging innovative technologies in integrated physiology, ENTEROSYS specializes in the preclinical evaluation of compounds in the overall digestive sphere, particularly the gut and its peripheral organs.

“You take the red pill; you stay in wonderland, and we show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes”


disorders & diseases

disorders & diseases

disorders & diseases

disorders & diseases

Challenge your molecules using our gut & gut-organs models

Custom preclinical models

Enterosys provides you with the required support in the design and development of new models. Our R&D expertise allows us to meet your most demanding objectives. Guided by a unique innovation management process, we adapt to your specific needs and offer you a real opportunity for differentiation. 

Validated preclinical models

Enterosys brings you a complete and innovative offer of preclinical protocols based on validated in vitro and in vivo efficacy tests. We provide you with a wide range of efficiency tests and smart solutions to accelerate the development of your compounds and position your assets in the following areas:

  • Digestive sphere
  • Gut-Brain axis
  • Gut-Adipose tissue axis
  • Gut-Liver axis
  • Gut-Skin axis
  • Gut-Pancreas axis

At the cutting edge of
preclinical study

At the forefront of scientific research on the gut and gut-organ axis, our team brings you a new and disruptive approach to reveal the potential of your molecules. Our CRO addresses human and animal health, nutraceuticals, dermocosmetic products, feed and food industries.

Preclinical studies of tomorrow’s health solutions:




Food & Feed

White paper ENTEROSYS

Our first white paper is now available !
Get inside the head of our co-founder Claude Knauf.

Come discover his background, his key dates, how he got the gut feeling and the link between enteric neurons and glycemic control as well as other health related areas.

Gut is the link - Claude KNAUF ENTEROSYS

Our key scientific findings about the gut

How does the gut microbiota interact with our second brain?

How does the gut microbiota interact with our second brain?

Currently, the gut is considered a primary site for the development of pathologies that modify brain functions such as neurodegenerative (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.) and metabolic (type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc.) disorders. Deciphering the mode of interaction between microbiota and the brain is a real original option to prevent (and maybe treat in the future) the establishment of gut-brain disfunctions and associated pathologies.

Camu camu and its applications in nutraceutics

Camu camu and its applications in nutraceutics

The Amazonian forests are home to a shrub, the camu-camu, whose fruit could be of great help in the fight against obesity and metabolic diseases. This is described in our latest study published with the A-Mansia R&D team in the journal Metabolites.

Preserve the bioactive factors of breast milk

Preserve the bioactive factors of breast milk

Human breast milk donated to human milk banks is the sole diet for preterm infants when maternal BM is not available. Pasteurization of donated breast milk is an essential step to inactivate pathogens to ensure microbial safety for preterm babies. The study of intestinal motility can be used to optimize pasteurization processes.

Do you have a question about the contribution of gut models to your preclinical studies and innovation portfolio ?

Our team of experts will be delighted to answer all of your questions. We guide you in the design of an optimized protocol to meet your objectives and add value to your molecules with quick and concrete solutions.