Enterosys welcomes its new CEO

CEO Jean-Christophe Malrieu

With its unique combination of scientific expertise, R&D skills and state-of-the-art technologies, Enterosys is set to become a leading preclinical contract research organization (CRO) in the market.

Enterosys has a technological lead in the investigation of the digestive sphere. The objective of the company is to become the reference player in the field of the gut, the gut-brain axis and the gut-organ axis.

With such a line of investigation, Enterosys aims to become a key research partner in the field on neurodegenerative, metabolic and intestinal diseases.

Jean-Christophe Malrieu is an entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Paris Dauphine and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Before joining SME companies as CEO, he had a long international experience in multinational companies such as Unilever (18 years) and Shiseido (4 years). 

Jean-Christophe has extensive experience in innovation and development, marketing and sales, finance, export, the food and beauty industry, and the healthcare sector for 12 years.  In 2010, he became president and CEO of Phythea, a French nutraceutical leader specializing in joint health and women’s health. In early 2017, he co-founded A-Mansia Biotech SA in Belgium, a spin-off from Wageningen University and UC Leuven aiming to fight obesity and type 2 diabetes with Akkermansia muciniphila, a key bacterium species of the human gut microbiota discovered in 2006 by the company’s founders. In 2018,  Jean-Christophe raised €25 million to fund the development of A-Mansia, including €18 million in a Series A round. In December 2021, he decided to join ENTEROSYS as CEO.




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